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Blood Bowl was originally a fantasy football board game developed by British game studio Games Workshop as a parody of American Football. The original game was release in 1987 but has been re-released in several versions since then. The game has a thriving table top scene with many international tournaments and leagues being held. The table top competitive scene is led by the NAF. In addition there is a strong and growing online community from the Blood Bowl video game franchise and fan based websites such as Fumbbl and Blood Bowl Strategies.

In 2009, Cyanide Studios released their adaptation of the game, simply named Blood Bowl, and brought it the PC. They also released a mobile version. Blood Bowl 2 was released in 2015 for the PS4, XBox One and of course to PC. In 2016, the board game was once more released by Games Workshop. Join our Community and help expand our articles.

Latest Version

Blood Bowl 2 is the newest version of Blood Bowl and was released in 2015. It includes several new features including as well as a different set of races, AI overhaul, In Game Realization, Stadium Customization, a Player Marketplace, Tactile Feedbacks and Team Jersey Customization. There are new animations so that every race is unique and every elbow to the face is different. It uses an entirely new engine which resulted in a fresh perspective for the players. From every blade of grass, to the sun peeking through the holes in the stadium roof, everything has been carefully sculpted to fully realize the more character driven world that is Blood Bowl 2.


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